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Schedulino’s work shift planning software offers online shift planning for managers and company employees as well. Integrate the requirements of individual employees into the shift schedule and create a clear planning calendar.

What issue are we trying to solve with Schedulino?

Every large company needs to plan the working hours of its employees. Sometimes it is enough to divide work tasks verbally, but in most cases this can get out of hand very quickly. Then it becomes time to create a shift schedule in an Excel spreadsheet. However, even in such cases this might not be sufficient, especially if there are frequent changes made to the schedule. Since each manager tries to create a work plan in order to ensure the operation with regard to employee requirements. And we all know how it goes. A lot can change in the course of one month. Holidays, unexpected sick leaves or doctor’s visits can really complicate the schedule. And with so many changes, the employees might not even notice them. Then the real issues occur. But who is to blame?

We’re not concerned with blaming someone. We try to prevent all potential issues in the first place. For this reason we created Schedulino, an online tool for scheduling work shifts.

Avoid issues with a clear shift planner

1. Collecting information

The best way to avoid issues is to actually try to avoid them. But how do you do it? For employees, reports of their holidays or doctor’s visits will help you, while the opposite is true in the case of temporary workers – reports of the days when they can actually work. This information will help you both when creating a schedule for the near future as well as in case someone suddenly drops out.

2. Preparing the shift schedule

The next step is to prepare a shift schedule that will meet both the company requirements and the needs of its employees and temporary workers. Our Schedulino online scheduling software is also clear and accessible via a mobile application. Thanks to this, your employees will have an overview of both their schedule and shifts, as well as their colleagues schedules.

3. Schedule changes

Let’s not forget the sudden changes within the schedule we mentioned before. What do you do if the situation changes unexpectedly? Thanks to the accessible information on the availability of your employees and temporary workers, you can react to the situation at hand almost immediately. In addition, by using the mobile application you will speed up the entire process of informing the individual employees who are affected by the adjustments.

Methodology of creating a shift schedule

How do you create a clear and accessible shift schedule for your employees thanks to Schedulino? Depending on the structure of the company and the procedure of assigning work to employees, there are several options. In principle, however, there are two approaches that are used and can also be combined.

Allocation of work shifts to individual employees

The first option is used if the company operates with a system of repeating shifts at regular intervals, while no frequent fluctuation of employees occurs within particular positions. The work shift is thus assigned to a specific employee. For example, we can consider the maintenance department in a hotel where two workers work daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. One worker works 4 days and then has 4 days off. In this case, it is possible to use the allocation of work shifts for individual maintenance workers.

Defining work shifts

The second option is to define the work shifts needed to run the operation and the subsequent assignment of staff to shifts. This is used in companies with an irregular schedule and staff turnover. The emphasis is put on filling all the shifts, while also taking into consideration a possible shortage of staff. As an example, we can use the operation of a reception at a hotel. The day shift is occupied by two employees while one receptionist is enough for the night shift. If a higher occupancy is expected, the reception is reinforced by another receptionist. It is therefore appropriate to create 3 work shifts.

You can also combine these options

You can also combine these two options when creating a shift schedule. This can be used especially for companies which are internally divided according to job positions into those with regular work shifts and those with irregular ones. An example of such a company is the operation of an accommodation facility in which the administration has regular work shifts and the service staff irregular ones which follow the current occupancy of the accommodation facility.


  • Shift templates

    Create your templates for the most recurring shifts.

  • Locations

    Prepare multiple schedules for each department or location and manage them individually.

  • Staff notification

    Once the employee has been assigned to a shift, they will be notified by email.

  • Shift confirmation

    Once a schedule has been published, employees can confirm or deny the assigned shifts.

  • Availability preferences

    Managers can see when their employees prefer to work.

  • View your labor costs

    See your labor costs against your needs in real-time and stop overspending.

  • Role based views

    Add manager and supervisor permissions to help make shift changes.

  • Payroll report

    Export reports easily to help you figure out the salaries of your staff if needed.

  • Mobile

    View schedules anytime, anywhere. Your employees can view their scheduled shifts, update their availability using any device.

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Schedulino does everything we were looking for. It has helped us organize our shifts and send instant roster updates to our employees.
By using Schedulino, we save money per person each month by having a detailed overview of everyone’s shifts. It is easy to use and has streamlined creating our weekly schedules and getting them directly to our staff as soon as they are done.

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