Employee scheduling based on the availability of your employees

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Save Time

Excel and paper spreadsheets are not enough today to create employee schedules. Save the time it takes to get and provide information to create and keep track of your employee's service schedules.

Everything In One Place

Let employees access their schedule, set their availability preferences and get real-time updates on one centralized platform.

Improve Communication

Quickly send updates to your employees and keep them in the loop with shift schedules and direct messages, so everyone knows about any upcoming changes.

Build your employee schedules in minutes from one place

Schedulino lets you create, publish, and edit schedule for the specific employees but also allows the creation of a single shift with several employees assigned to it. With this solution, it is possible to use a system of combining full-time, part-time or casual workers.

Employees can define their availability for specific times and dates

With online access, your employees can add their own preferred time when they can or cannot work. The employee's availability information is then displayed when creating the schedule, so you don't have to waste time editing the schedule over and over again.

Manage your schedules from anywhere and anytime

Everyone has access to their schedules from web or mobile phone. The mobile version allows you to work and schedule shifts from anywhere. Employees can adjust their availability and view the latest schedule quickly.

Full Feature List

  • Shift Templates

    Create your templates for the most recurring shifts.

  • Locations

    Prepare multiple schedules for each department or location and manage them individually.

  • Staff Notification

    Once the employee has been assigned to a shift, they will be notified by email.

  • Shift Confirmation

    Once a schedule has been published, employees can confirm or deny the assigned shifts.

  • Availability Preferences

    Managers can see when their employees prefer to work.

  • View Your Labor Costs

    See your labor costs against your needs in real-time and stop overspending.

  • Role Based Views

    Add manager and supervisor permissions to help make shift changes.

  • Payroll Report

    Export reports easily to help you figure out the salaries of your staff if needed.

  • Mobile

    View schedules anytime, anywhere. Your employees can view their scheduled shifts, update their availability using any device.

Our Client Testimonials

Schedulino does everything we were looking for. It has helped us organize our shifts and send instant roster updates to our employees.
By using Schedulino, we save money per person each month by having a detailed overview of everyone’s shifts. It is easy to use and has streamlined creating our weekly schedules and getting them directly to our staff as soon as they are done.

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